Streeterville is an area near the North Side neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. Streeterville is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Chicago. The restaurants, shopping centers, markets, office centers, and high rise buildings play an important role in making Streeterville what it is now. The median household income in Streeterville is $167,990.00.

The Ambiance of the Neighborhood:

The neighborhood is much quieter than most other neighborhoods in Chicago. It has a clean and fresh ambiance, especially because it is near a lake. People living here love that the lake is nearby and they can have fresh air by the lakeside whenever they wish.

Transit Options:

  • Line 151 bus: For transport, you can take the line 151 bus
  • Taxi:  Finding a taxi in Streeterville is fairly easily
  • Uber: You will not have any issues in finding an uber near Streeterville
  • Walk

Restaurants and Bars: 

Restaurants and bars are the heart of Streeterville. It seems like the residents here are true foodies as you will always find the restaurants full here. 

  • Althea: $$$: Many people all around consider Althea as the “peak Streeterville.” It is an upscale restaurant serving vegan food (yes, you heard it right) on the seventh floor of Saks Fifth Avenue. Apart from vegan, you can also find a lot of interesting food here such as a peppery and rich “cacio e Pepe,” cashew cheese sauce, and spicy Kung pao cauliflower.
  • Robert’s Pizza & Dough Company: $$$: If you are looking for a mouthwatering thin crust pizza, then Roberts pizza is the best option available in Streeterville. It is next to the river, so it gives a very fresh vibe, perfect after an exhausting day. The location is airy while the crust is chewy- just like original style pizza.
  • Marisol: $$$: If you feel hungry while exploring the great Museum of Contemporary Art, then you must try Marisol. It serves excellent food such as homemade pasta, sunflower seed hummus, fried quail, and even fancy fried chicken. What else could you possibly ask for? You can take out your food from here too.
  • Woodwind: $$$: Woodwind is on the 18th floor of near the Northwestern Hospital campus. It serves innovative dishes and combinations that might seem strange at first but are very flavourful. They serve sweet and savory food such as bao and pomegranate-roasted squash with chunky peanut butter. You will also be able to take advantage of the amazing view of the downtown.

What People Love About the Neighborhood:

There is nothing that people do not love about this amazing neighborhood. Streeterville severs as an enclave to the historic navy pier, the provocative Museum of Contemporary Art, and a sweeping stretch of lakefront that is what allows quick and easy access towards all the benefits of the Lake Michigan.

What People Dislike About the Neighborhood:

There is nothing to hate about Streeterville, but some people complain that the restaurants here are very expensive. There are very few cheap food options here.

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