What is The Perfect Listing?

It is where you pay no fees to sell your home while deploying industry-leading practices to sell it.

No commission.
No listing fee*.
No problem.

What is in The Perfect Listing?

Data-Driven Pricing Guidance with Leading Data Experts

Creative Copywriting for Descriptions with Creative Experts

Filming a Matterport 3D Tour / Dollhouse of Your Property

4K Photos with Photography Session with Professional

List your Home on the MLS and 100's of Sites including Zillow with agent

Refunded Listing Fees when next Home Purchased within 90 days*

The most important aspect of The Perfect Listing is to take statistically proven methods to increase digital engagement with a property, and deliver them in a standardized way to our clients. We know that more engagement leads to more offers, which leads to happier clients. That is our number one priority.
Danyal Ali - CEO of AnyCurb
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