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We’ve streamlined the listing process in Gold Coast, IL to remove unnecessary steps and time-intensive appointments. By using our online portal, you list your home on 100’s of sites. *No listing fee apply when you buy + sell with AnyCurb. Online only.

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How does this work?

At closing, AnyCurb will collect 1.5% of the final sales price. When you purchase a property with an AnyCurb agent within 90 days of your home sale, you will be refunded the 1.5% amount as (i) a credit towards the next property, (ii) a check for 1.5% of home sales price. Therefore, you pay no commission to list your property when you buy + sell with AnyCurb.

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We take the scary out of FSBO by vetting each buyer before connecting them to the homeowner. This ensures that our clients waste minimal time in finding their buyer.
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Get step-by-step guidance on the home sales process from marketing your property with proven templates and access to all legal documents for free.

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No agent? No problem

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Homeowners work hard to create enough capital to afford a home. When it comes to selling their home, the associates fees begin to eat away at their hard earned equity. For Sale By Owner is a good solution for homeowners that don’t want to pay 6% in traditional real estate commissions to sell their home.

AnyCurb provides a differentiated approach to FSBO (For Sale By Owner). Other FSBO companies are probably not licensed brokerages. This means that they can’t help you with filling out the contract. In addition, they make money by giving you a “listing” on their site. They don’t actively help you sell it. Our goal at AnyCurb is to give you the tools to market your property and ultimately, sell it. 

Traditional brokerages use exclusive right to sell agreements. An exclusive right to sell agreement reserves the right for the agent to collect their commission, even if you sell your home to somebody that you know. We use Open Listing agreements, which only allow for us to collect if we find you a buyer that purchases a home. This reserves your right to find a buyer on your own and pay no commissions.

Fees for an open listing agreement are 3% of the sales price of your home. This is a 50% discount vs. the traditional real estate model (which average between 5 and 6%). In addition, we only get paid if we find a buyer at the price that we agree upon. This means that we only get paid if we do our job of bringing the buyer. 

In For Sale By Owner or Open Listing, there is no listing agent. Therefore, there are no listing fees. If you want to be listed on the MLS, please contact us and we can determine a strategic plan for you to save money on your home sale.

We can get you on almost any online website. Contact us through our forms and we will walk you through the different options there are to put your home out there for a sale. 

Our founder created AnyCurb because of issues faced by his family when it came to preserving equity and selling their home. It seemed that there was no easy way to do this. For Sale By Owner didn’t provide security, verification, or success. AnyCurb was founded to create an efficient way for a homeowner to sell their home on their own, and preserve their equity.

The Complete Guide to Living In Gold Coast, Chicago

Gold Coast is on the borders of Lake Michigan, bounded by North Ave. It has tall buildings, mansions, and historic hotels. The ‘gold’ on the gold coast is used to describe how upscale the neighborhood is. The International Museum of Surgical Science is one of the most drawing features of the Gold Coast that attracts most of the tourists to the neighborhood.

The Ambiance of The Neighborhood:

Gold Coast is a neighborhood filled with townhouses and condominiums. Not just the residential ones, but there are also historical mansions in Gold Coast from the earlier times, which symbolize its wealth. Living in Gold Coast means one is always going to be surrounded by buildings and busy streets. There are also many bars and restaurants in the neighborhood but less than the other neighborhoods in Chicago. 

Restaurants and Bar:

The restaurants are all great in the Gold Coast neighborhood, but some of the best are listed below.

  • Somerset: $$: With a classy interior and a versatile menu, this is a place for tartare and pasta. They excel in Italian food and are great for both celebrations and just a simple night out.
  • Maple Ash: $$$$: It is probably the most popular steakhouse across the Gold Coast. They have the best steak served with the best wine, and the best part is that it has both dine-in and take away options. So, if you are tired after a long day, you can grab your favorite food or a late-night snack and enjoy it at home.
  • Bistronomic: $$: While many places in Gold Coast are expensive, this is quite affordable for a gold coast restaurant. This French restaurant has dishes such as Duck breast and escargot, and most importantly, one of the yummiest desserts.
  • Chicago Q: $$: This restaurant brings steak, Italian, and BBQ. The restaurant is a fancy one, and its specialties include tender ribs and sidelines like mac and cheese. They also have a huge bar on their second floor.

Transit Options:

A wide range of options is available for travel on the Gold Coast. The most common ones are below: 

  • Metro: G-link is a transit system that operates between Helensvale and Broadbeach and is one of the fast ways to go around in the Gold Coast. 
  • Public Buses: Buses also operate on the Gold Coast, and you can always catch one easily.
  • Taxis: They are probably the easiest way to travel not only in Gold Coast but the entire Chicago. Taxis are very common in Gold Coast.


There are a lot of good schools and colleges in the Gold Coast, such as the Latin school of Chicago.

What People Love About the Neighborhood:

The architecture on the Gold Coast is beautiful. There are many historical mansions, as well. Oak Street Beach is one of the loveliest places on the gold coast. Moreover, the education facilities in the neighborhood are numerous, and you can avail of high-quality education.  

What People Dislike About the Neighborhood:

The neighborhood is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Chicago, which makes it difficult to live in. Rents are high, and the shopping is also expensive, so some people do not find it affordable to settle down in the Gold Coast neighborhood.

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