Printing House Row is also known as Printer’s Row, is a neighborhood in the south of Chicago’s downtown area. Its four boundaries are defined by Ida B. wells drive on the north side, Polk Street on the south of it, the famous Chicago River on the west, and Plymouth court on the east. Due to the presence of printing and publishing buildings in history, this area was named ‘Printer’s row.’ Although those buildings have been converted to lofts, Palmer Printer still exists in the same form.

The Ambiance of The Neighborhood:

Printer’s Row is also famous for its literary festival popularly known as ‘lit festival’ in Printer’s Row, celebrated every year in the neighborhood. It is a book fair that was initiated to attract people towards Printer’s Row as it had been one of the earliest bookmaking hubs, making it a lively place.

Bars and Restaurants:

There are many good American restaurants near Printer’s Row Neighborhood. You will also find Italian, Mexican, and Thai restaurants nearby. Some of these are listed below.

  • Half Sour: $$: Half Sour is an American restaurant that serves modern deli dishes with a bar with cocktails, beer, and wine. It also has a separate Brunch menu and is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even solo dining. Its extra offerings include kid’s menu, quick bites, comfort, and happy hour foods, and there is also vegetarian food available on the menu.
  • Sofi Restaurant: $$$: It is a North Italian restaurant with a diverse wine menu with beautiful outdoor seating arranged amid flowers. Apart from their Italian food and wine, they also have desserts.
  • Flaco’s Tacos: $: It is a Mexican restaurant that sells a variety of Mexican food as well as tacos. They also have Mexican sandwiches and burritos. Also, they have flan on their dessert menu. They have an outdoor sitting arrangement and a fast service well known to its customers. They also cater for private parties.
  • Bar Louie: $$: This grill house serves all you can eat with a place so comfortable that you will just want to hang out. The atmosphere is very casual, and they have a bar with martinis and alcohol as well as food. It allows dine-in, take away, deliver, and also no contact delivery.

Transit Options:

If you are figuring out a way to travel in Printer’s Row, here is a list of ways you can do so.

  • Bus: Four bus stations can get you to Printer’s Row.
  • Train: There are four train stations in Printer’s Row so traveling through a train is very easy and affordable
  • Metro: The four metro lines in Printer’s Row are also an effective and fast way to get around in Printer’s Row.


Good and high-quality education can be availed in Printer’s Row as there are many colleges in this neighborhood. These colleges include Roosevelt University, Columbia College, Robert Morris University, and John Marshall Law School.

What People Love About The Neighborhood:

The people in the neighborhood love the simple and easy life in Printer’s Row. There are many good restaurants and bars as well and good universities as well. Living in this area is not too costly as the rents are not too high.

What People Dislike About The Neighborhood:

The theft cases in the neighborhood are many, which is a major issue faced by the residents. The annually calculated theft cases per one hundred thousand people are two thousand three hundred and twenty-eight estimated.

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