One of the neighborhoods in Chicago known for its beautiful art galleries and studios, is River North. There are plenty of cocktail bars and nightclubs in this neighborhood that make it one of the top neighborhoods for nightlife in Chicago. It is in the east of the Chicago River and the west of Wabash Avenue. 

The Ambiance of The Neighborhood:

If you are touring River North in Chicago, there are some things you are most likely to notice about it. From classy steakhouses with unmatchable taste in food to hot dog houses, you will find many restaurants in this neighborhood. Also, there are art galleries and studios, but what you will find the most are bars and clubs that have parties going on throughout the night and parties that will keep you engaged every time you go to one. In short, you will never feel bored in Chicago.

Restaurant and Bars:

While every restaurant and bar in River North is chic, there are some who have been in the spotlight more recently. Read below to find out their names.

  • Bavette’s Bar and Boeuf: $$$$: It is known for its unique taste. This steakhouse is a place for dimly lit and romantic dinners. You can expect to find a New-American menu with vegetarian options as well. The bar has the most tropical cocktails and the tastiest wines. They also have coffee, and their desserts are also one of the best things about their place. 
  • Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak, and Stone: $$$: This place is a different but wonderful option for everyone. Joe’s seafood originated in Miami but have also made their name in Chicago with the help of their seasonal fish and shellfish and a long list of steaks.
  • Portillo’s: $: It is the right place, especially for those who love to eat fast food. They have hotdogs, sandwiches, Italian beef, and many more things. Their delectable cheese fries and chocolate cake shake are some of the best things to try out.
  • Good Measure: $$: It is a bar that also sells bar food and burgers. It has a great vibe for having a drink with friends or enjoying light food. It allows both dinging in in and taking out.

Transit Options:

Some of the most common ways of transportation in River North are listed below.

  • Car: River North’s accessibility from both Kennedy expressway and lakeshore drive gives it an easy route to travel by car.
  • Taxi: Getting a taxi in River North is very easy as there are as many cabs on the road as cars.
  • Bus: There are six bus routes in River North, so traveling via bus is also a very convenient option.
  • Train: There are two Metro routes in River North, which makes trains also a transit option. 


There are also very good schools in the neighborhood, so a good quality education also makes it a great place to reside in.

What People Love About the Neighborhood:

People in River North love the active nightlife of the neighborhood and how it has the best restaurants and bars where there is always something to have fun.

What People Dislike About The Neighborhood:

The only concern of the people in this neighborhood is that the crime rate is above average. However, if compared to other neighborhoods, it is still very less than most of them.

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