The Weekend is the most important part of the week for these individuals. They need somewhere to host their friends and to impress them with their steller cooking skills.

Seek meaning and connection in ideas through film. These individuals want cozy or large living rooms for a great cinematic experience with a kitchen easily accessible for snacking.

Have original minds and quickly see patterns. These individuals desire large windows, demanding houses with natural lighting and large white walls.

Warm, empathetic, and attuned to emotions. These individuals want every moment that makes their partners smile including island kitchens, fireplaces, and large master bedrooms.

Quick, ingenious, and stimulating. Resourceful in solving new and challenging problems, these individuals desire finished basements or ample sized living rooms.

Sun, sun, sun, books, and more sun. These individuals want a peaceful space to relax, learn, or read for pure enjoyment.

Nurturing and close to family. These individuals want to imagine raising a family in their home, have a house with extra multi-purpose rooms, ample kitchen space, and living room floor space.

Frank, decisive, and focused on their health. These individuals seek a safe haven to work out their body, mind, and soul. Lighting and greenery can help push their home to the next level.

Outgoing, Friendly, and Accepting. Exuberant lovers of life, these individuals savor large kitchens to host, outdoor spaces, and large living rooms to entertain their friends and family.

Practical and fact-minded individuals, with a need for a home office and housing within their commute requirements.

Friends, romance, and repeat. These individuals prefer larger master bedrooms, and ample hosting space for their friends.

Warmly enthusiastic and imaginative. These individuals want each room in the house to be their own. Their needs for their home is well balanced.

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