Wicker Park is a very known and prestigious neighborhood in Chicago. It is on the west side of the Kennedy expressway in West Chicago. Most Chicagoans know this neighborhood because of its trendy culture and high-class restaurants, art, and nightlife. If you are thinking of getting a house in Wicker Park, then keep reading.

The Ambiance of the Neighborhood:

When visiting Wicker Park, one can expect to come across hipsters, business professionals, and artists. The streets are always crowded, and the roads are lined with coffeehouses, bars, shops, and galleries. You will be able to see bikers and runners taking walks on the Bloomingdale Trail. There are many dive bars across the neighborhood where many teens like to hang out with friends and meet up for drinks.

Transit Options:

Read below to find some of the Transit options available in Wicker Park: 

  • Subway: You can easily find a subway to commute
  • Chicago Transit Authority Trains: Chicago Transit Authority Trains are a good option 
  • Chicago Transit Authority Buses
  • Taxis: Finding a taxi in Wicker Park is easy 
  • Bikes
  • Walk

Restaurants and Bars: 

While there are several eateries in Wicker Park where you can spend quality time, some are listed below. These are considered to be the best ones in the neighborhood and have the best reviews.

Parlor Pizza Bar Wicker Park: Parlor Pizza Bar Wicker Park is a beautiful restaurant in Wicker Park where you can find delicious pizzas and desserts. They have many pizza flavors, including the common Margarita Pizza, pre-pizza appetizers, and salads. They also have burgers and after-meal desserts. That’s not it; they also have a bar with wine, beer, and many other drinks.

Paradise Park: The bar serves pies, cocktails and beer, and happy hour drinks. It offers luxurious outdoor and rooftop seating for the diners to enjoy a breath-taking view of the neighborhood while enjoying drinks.

Smoke Daddy BBQ: One of the greatest places for barbecued meat and vegetables that you will find in Wicker Park is smoke daddy BBQ, where you can enjoy a great meal along with free live music. It is a great place for a casual meal on a pleasant day, especially during summers, as you can find outdoor seating there.  They also serve desserts while having a large variety of drinks, including beer and wine.

Big Star: On the top of the list of places to visit in Wicker Park is Big Star. With a bar on site, this Mexican restaurant has a lot to offer. They have many healthy options on their menu as well as many vegetarian dishes and also organic foods. Their highlights include fast restaurant service and good cocktails. They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all seven days of the week.

What People Love About the Neighborhood:

The most outstanding feature of this neighborhood is the high-class restaurants that serve food that you will find nowhere else in Chicago. There are dive bars, numerous shops, and, most importantly, easy transportation, which makes this neighborhood a good place to live and tour.

What People Dislike About the Neighborhood:

Wicker Park is said to be less safe than other areas in Chicago. Other things that residents complain about are that the neighborhood seems very congested, and the living there is considered expensive than in other areas in Chicago.

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